This morning at group time we sang our good morning song and days of the week song. Miss Thea asked children “Does anyone know what day is today?”, we all had a random guess until Miss Thea gave us a hint and said, “We are not coming to Kindy tomorrow.” Then Ada said “Its Fridaaay!”.

Lucia was our today’s volunteer to walk to the window and tell the classroom how the weather is like outside. “Its raining.” Said Lucia.


We then practised our counting skills by singing the numbers song whilst pointing to the laminated number song on Miss Thea’s board and counting some of the objects we could see around us.


We finished our group time by reading Flynn’s special book called “Thomas and the dinosaurs”. Thanks, Flynn, for sharing your book with your friends.


Before lunch we wiggled and jiggled ourselves and burned some of our energies. We then made our beds and our friend’s bed who were at gymnastics. Miss Sana then read two Pepa pig books, one about numbers and the other about alphabets. We also singed “ABCs” song and finished our group time.


Today we decided to enjoy the cooler weather and had an outside day!

Making snowflakes expired by Frozen. – Elizabeth, lucia, lilah, termeh, Toranj, Flynn, matilda, mila, mia, Fynlee, Ceylon, spencer, matthew,

Playdough – EVERYONE! We had green playdough and added green glitter as well and used varieties of resources to make our preferred shapes – Everyone enjoyed this today!

Puzzles – Matilda, Matthew, Theodore Spencer, Elijah.

Dress up – Ada, Toranj, Lucia.

Home Corner – Flynn, Lilah, Elizabeth, Termeh, Toranj, Fynlee, Matilda, Theodore.

Gymnastics – Matthew, Mia, Ada, Theodore, Elizabeth, Elijah, Oscar.Z.


Hope you have a lovely weekend!

Thea and Sana


Written by elcprekindy