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Good afternoon families

Today Pre Kindy and Kindergarten combined (Miss Daisy was feeling unwell so she had to leave early). We had a very active morning in the yard because the soccer man came to teach us how to play soccer. We had a great time playing in the sand, playing with water, playing with trucks, riding bikes as fast as we could around the yard and playing in the fort with our friends. A few of us even went on a hunt for the Easter bunny as we found some fluff in the yard and some evidence that he has recently been through here.

We had a late morning tea picnic around the sand pit and laughed together as we ate banana because Miss Nicole said monkeys love banana and we decided we were monkeys too!

Mr Lachie was on hand as the human slide and he climbed up the slope and we all climbed on top of him as he began his decent down.

For group time we focused on feelings, body parts and

the 5 senses.

Every day we look forward to not only teaching your children but learning from them.

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