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Good afternoon families!

Today we welcomed our new friend Victoria to the room.

We have had a very relaxed day here in the Pre Kindy room. Jin and Joyce have joined us today from the toddlers 2 room. After morning tea we joined our excercise teacher outside for some excercises to get our blood pumping! We had a great time exploring the yard with our new friends. Ben loved playing hide and seek with his teachers. Cooper, Jin and Bella enjoyed playing in the sand pit and digging wholes. Shia, Aleks, Jack, Hudson and Ayse enjoyed riding around the yard on the bikes as fast as they could. Victoria was happily taking in the scenery and had a look in the toddlers yard. Joyce arrived in our room when it was group time.

For group time we sang some songs and discussed what we did on the weekend. I don’t know how we didnt see each other because apparently we all went to the park and then to McDonalds for an ice-cream! what are the odds?

Today has been a lovely start to the week. Welcome again to Victoria and her family. Have a great night and see you all in the morning!