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Good afternoon families!

Today has been a beautiful day and thankfully the sun was shining which meant we got to play in the yard! Today we welcomed our new friend Liam to our room.

For group time we looked at colour and shape flash cards. Bella and Aleks had a good try and Liam was able to tell them the shapes they didn’t know. Afterward we played a colour and shape match up game which was very enjoyable and all three children eagerly participated in. We also separated the coloured animal toys into their own sections.

Miss Nicole set up a drawing station where Bella and Aleks sat down to draw. Aleks drew circles while Bella asked if she could draw a rainbow. Bella then started singing ‘I can sing a rainbow’ with Aleks and asked to listen to the song on the internet. Bella then showed Alex how to draw a rainbow. Aleks was very proud of the rainbow he drew.

Liam was very interested in cutting up paper plates and playing with the plastic peg boards.

For lunch and rest time and afternoon tea we combined with the Kindergarten room. Before we had afternoon tea Miss Daisy gave us ribbon sticks and we danced to some music.

Outside we engaged in water play and enjoyed covering the slides in sand.

Focus shape of the week is the circle. Focus colour of the week is blue.

Please bring in circle objects or objects that are blue.