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Hello and good afternoon to all our Pre Kindy friends and families, welcome everyone to our Monday the 21st of December 2020 Blog. Here is a little snippet on how we all spent our day here at the Hills.

We hope that all our friends and families each had a lovely weekend with friends and loved ones. And most of all enjoyed their weekends! And are ready for our last week of Pre Kindy for 2020. And we are all a little bit excited as Santa is coming to visit us all on FRIDAY which also means that we only have 4 more sleeps to go!!

Today our teachers Miss Thea and Miss Sana were away, and today our Pre Kindy friends had Miss Shannen and Miss Rose in the room helping out for the day.

This morning as our friends arrived we all headed inside our friends room Senior Kindy, where we all played and explored the areas and play spaces on offer in their room, we all had an absolute ball joining in with our friends from Senior Kindy.

We headed back inside our room just before 8am where we all got our own hats, applied our sunscreen and made our way outside for the morning once the sun had dried up all the rain and wet puddles around the yard. We were all so excited to be back out in our yard after all the rain we had last week and over the weekend.

We had lots of friends enjoying their morning riding the red bikes around the yard and along the bike tracks. And climbing up on the fort and exploring the gardens, we had some friends who used the sandpit buckets and filled them up with water from the water pump and watered the plants – caring for the environment. Down on the under covered area we had friends dancing and booging along to their favorite songs on the dancefloor showing us all their moves!

We were all having such a great morning outdoors we didn’t want to come inside. Just after 9:30am Miss Rose called all our Pre Kindy friends to the bathroom to wash their hands and make their way to the tables for some yummy morning tea, this morning our friends enjoyed some yummy fresh fruit slices and a freshly baked carrot cake! Our friends enjoyed morning tea so much that we had some friends kindly asking for more!

Today we had spontaneous play within the room, with all our friends each picking the activities that they wanted out for the morning. We had friends over in the home corner area – role play, cubby house reading books, over on the tables we had Duplo construction building blocks, colour sorting and free expression drawing using recycled paper and pencils.

Thank you Pre Kindy for such a great day and what a day to start off our very last week of 2020!

We hope you all have a wonderful evening and we will see you all tomorrow.

Lots of love, Miss Shannen and Miss Rose xx