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Good afternoon families!

Today we had a very quiet day with just two friend joining us. We welcomed our new friend Miss Daisy to the centre she will be in Kindergarten.

We had a great morning joining with the kindergarten children for outdoor play activities. We were happy with this so we could still spend time with our friends.

After morning tea we went inside with Miss Nicole where we practiced writing our name and worked on colour, number and shape recognition. We had a great time searching through Miss Nicole’s pencil case and playing with her Minnie Mouse and Jurassic park pen.

Issey and Bella decided to build a tower out of blocks and counted out each block that they added. Soon enough the room was upended and wigs and dresses were thrown about the place. Bella was even practicing her musical instrument skills with her feet. We got to play with everything and we had a ball.

During rest time Issey and her new friend from Kindergarten Evie sat together at the table drawing pictures for their family. Evie was showing Issey how to draw a rainbow.

After rest time Miss Meg called us outside for a secret sandpit surprise – A VOLCANO!

Bella made sure she got as close as she could to the volcano and when the lava was pouring out she reached out and touched it. The smell of the vinegar soon hit her nose and her face screwed up and she promptly evacuated the sandpit with the other children.

Today may have been quiet but we sure did fit a lot in.

Looking forward to seeing you all next time!