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Good afternoon families!

Today we had a wonderful day welcoming our new friend Hudson to the room.

For group time we talked about the date and weather. We learnt a new song called ‘Days of the week’. We talked about shapes (sides and names), colours and feelings. To wrap up our group time we sang the tooty ta.

DSC00809 DSC00811
Ayse, Hannah and Aleks had a great time creating masterpieces on the chalk boards and white boards.
DSC00812 DSC00813 DSC00815
Hudson sat with Miss Nicole and made a beautiful flower garden. Ayse joined Hudson soon after and helped to finish the garden off.
DSC00816 DSC00818
Hunter made sure Miss Nicole took photos of his mobilo creations.
Bella used the mobilo to create a man driving a car.
Jack created a tower using the flower lego.
Chase enjoyed connecting and breaking the mobilo he was playing with.

Today has been an amazing start to the week! 

See you all bright and early tomorrow.