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Pre Kindy – Monday 31st July, 2017

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Hello pre kindy families and welcome back to another fun week of learning and fun!! We hope that you all had a fabulous weekend in the lovely sunshine!

We began our morning outside, the toys were back today but there will be days when the toys might just disappear just to our little minds thinking of our own creative fun!

During group time we were talking about what we did on the weekend, Miss Katherine began by saying that she went to the beach and the pet shop to buy a special bed for her kitten that she will get next weekend, Billy said that he got a new puppy called Aroha, Juha also mentioned that she had a puppy dog at her home, Taytn said that he has a cat at his home.

We had sport class with Mr Sam we practiced running and balancing and kicking the soccer ball.

Inside the children chose that they wanted to make playdough, Miss Nadine collected all of the ingredients and they helped mix them all together the playdough magically turned pink and Yane said that it was strawberry flavour. We then made cupcakes, pancakes, icecream and a cheese burger out of the playdough.

Billy was busy in the home corner making cups of tea for his friends he said that he was making lemon tea. Bentley and Archer were racing the trains around on the train track that they helped connect great team work boys!!

Thanks for a great Monday Pre kindy friends see you tomorrow

Written by elcprekindy

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