This morning at group time we sang our good morning song and days of the week song. We then sung “People all around the world”, this song teaches the children how to say hello in different languages.


Thanks Ollie and Mia for bringing in your books to read. Ollie bought in a book called ’10 Little dinosaurs’, we thought we might extend on this by making our own dinosaurs today using our hand- prints! We also used the dinosaur felts and did some counting. Such great counters!



Before lunch we made our beds and enjoyed dancing to some of the children’s top favourite songs. Miss Sana then read Mia’s book, the children really enjoyed this story! Today the children we able to explore the toys and environment, they were able to choose from:

Making dinosaurs with Miss Sana –Cruz, Oscar, Hendrix, Flynn, ollie, lucia, termeh, Toranj, mia, fynlee, spencer, Charlie and Alex.

Home corner and dress up – mia, Hendrix, cruz, termeh, Toranj, lucia, fynlee, Oscar.

Dinosaurs- Oscar, Flynn, cruz

Rail train tracks – Zavier, Oscar, alex, ollie, spencer, charlie

Peg and peg boards – Termeh, Toranj,  Lucia

Cutting  – fynlee, Termeh, Toranj and Flynn.


have a good evening!

thea and sana xx


Written by elcprekindy