Good afternoon families!
Today we have had a wonderful day in the pre kindy room. Only two of us today but it meant we got to engage in in-depth educational learning.
Today we played with the kindergarten kids in the yard and after morning tea we went into our own room.
For group time we read “Goldilocks and the three Koalas”. We then sang some songs together ‘I can sing a rainbow’, baa baa black sheep’, ‘The little green frog’ and ‘open shut them’. Bella was a very enthusiastic participant during this activity and showed off her skills while Issey was just happy to watch.
We worked together on some tracing sheets and when the girls had completed their first sheet they were eager to complete another. This seemed to interest them very much and will something that we will be extending on.
Alex from toddlers 2 came to play with us today. It was his first time in the pre kindy room and the girls were very welcoming. They invited him to join their play experience in the home corner and encouraged him to play with different toys.
After rest time we joined kindergarten for Ashys birthday celebration – we had a minion cake! And then we stayed for show and tell then ventured outside for a big play before going home to our mums and dads.
We had a very productive day in pre kindy and are really looking forward to many more days like this!