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Good afternoon families!

What a wonderful start to the week we have had!

Our morning was spent with lots of cuddles and laughs while we all greeted each other after a long time apart.

Outside Mr Nick helped the children set up a river on the rock bed. The children were delighted by this and we even heard exclamations stating that it was the best day ever!

Our aerobics teacher came this morning and we had a great time doing lunges, starjumps and lots of cool different excercises.

After morning tea Miss Nicole read the children a Japanese folk story about the man in the moon. We were sad that it was so short but she promised to read to us again.

In the pre kindy room Chase and Pearl watched Miss Nicole sorting some materials and decided to cut it up. Aleks, Bella and Cooper also joined in to have a go. Hunter read a story with Miss Sheree and began building towers with her assistance. Soon enough we had all decided to partcipate in the construction corner and build puzzles. After packing away we had a beautiful roast lunch and settled in for rest time.

We have had a great day playing with each other and all of our toys!

Looking forward to starting some new craft activities this week!