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Morning tea- yoghurt with granola and fruits.

Morning group –
We started with our morning routine:
• Good morning song
• Days of the week
• Counting and number recognition
• Christmas songs
We then welcomed our new friends ‘Amelia’ and ‘Sua’. Children said they will make sure to make our new friends feel welcomed by inviting them to their play. Children then were encouraged to share their favourite moments from the weekend using past tenses which helped children developing their memorizing, cognitive (being introduced to past tenses). We will also extend on this by giving children the sense of confidence to initiate longer discussions to replace one sentence conversation. To finish group time, we read Fynlee’s book called ‘mummy makes me feel loved.’ Thanks, Fynlee for sharing your book.

Before lunch, children sat with Miss Vee and enjoyed reading a book called ‘I love me’ followed by emotional heart meditation.

Lunch – sausage rolls with salad
Art class feet painting – everyone participated.
Gymnastics: Zavier, Hendrix, Amelia, Eden, Flynn, Luca, Warren, Ollie
This morning and this afternoon the children were able to explore a range of activities outside. Such as:
– Cubby houses (dramatic play, social, communication)
– Sandpit with buckets, shovels, pots, trucks,(construction, imagination, creativity, social)
– Free play outside (decision making, extending upon the child’s own interests)
– Bikes (co-ordination, gross motor)
– Music (language, dance, memory)
– Balancing beam and climbing bars (coordination, physical, balancing, fine and gross motor)
– Waffle blocks (creativity, imagination, colour recognition, coordination, social)
– Legos (problem solving, coordination, social, fine motor, creativity)
– Hula hoops (coordination, fine and gross motor, creativity)
– Scooter bikes (co-ordination, gross motor)
– Exploring the gardens (environment, cognitive)
– Pyramid blocks (concentration, coordination, imagination, creativity)

Information for parents:
Parent teacher evening on November 25th 4-5:30pm. Christmas party on Thursday 10th December 3:30 -4:30 pm
There are the raffle tickets in each child’s bag, this is for our Christmas raffle. It can be paid to the reception area.