Morning tea- fruit salad with sultanas, vanilla yoghurt and granola

Morning group –
We started with our morning routine:
• Good morning song
• Days of the week
• Counting and number recognition
• ABC and letter recognition
Miss Sana then asked children what’s today’s special occasion and explained to children what to expect during our Christmas party. We then all stood up and practised our Christmas songs. As children did so well with singing, Miss Sana suggested to go to Senior Kindy classroom and show them our best performance ever.

Before lunch, children sat down on the mat with Miss Rose where they enjoyed listening to ‘all I want for Christmas is my two front teeth’ book.

Lunch – sushi with vegetables
Inside children were given variety of opportunities to develop their fine motor, social, role play, construction, coordination and cognitive skills through activities.
Today we focused on following children’s interests.
– Home corner- (dramatic play, memory, social, fine motor, imaginative, pretend play)
– Cubby house (dramatic play, communication, imagination)
– Linking blocks (Fine motor, creative, social, imaginative, colour recognition)
– Sensory coloured rice (problem solving, hand-eye coordination, fine motor, sensory)
– Hair dressing and doctor kit (role play, fine motor, social, imagination, creativity, cognitive)
– Building set (coordination, fine motor, imagination, creativity, social, colour recognition)
– Christmas colour in (pencil grip, colour recognition, hand-eye coordination, fine motor, social, creativity)
– Reading (language, social, storytelling, imagination)
Gymnastics: Termeh, Toranj, Alex, Elizabeth,
Outside this morning, the children were free to explore:
– Cubby houses (dramatic play, social, communication)
– Free play outside (decision making, extending upon the child’s own interests)
– Bikes and scooter bikes (co-ordination, gross motor)
– Music (language, dance, memory)
– Balancing beam and climbing bars (coordination, physical, balancing, fine and gross motor)
– See-saws (social, fine and gross motor)
– Yoga balls (balancing, taking turns, gross motor, bouncing)
– Legos (fine motor, creativity, social, colour recognition, imagination)

Information for parents:

If your child is unwell, please keep them at home to stop the spreading of more germs. Thanks

Please be mindful of sending your child in sun safety clothes, such as shirts with sleeves.

Thanks everyone for a beautiful day. Also a big thanks to our lovely families and friends who joined us for our Christmas party.

lots of Love,

Miss Sana and Miss Rose X.