This morning at group after singing the days of the week song, Lucia was the first one who guessed what today’s day was. “Its Thursday.”, said Lucia. We then looked at the alphabet wall and sang the alphabet song. Miss Thea then showed children a very exciting 4D alphabet cards! Using Miss Thea’s phone the camera was able to make the Alphabet cards and animals come to life!!

The children LOVED this!

Before lunch the children enjoyed dancing with some hip-hop dancing music songs, then we enjoyed listening to Hendrix’s and Matilda’s books from home. As children were sitting so nicely, we read Two more stories, One about the very hungry caterpillar and the other about Peppa Pig – thunderstorm. We also had a conversation with children about not to fear the thunder sound.

Today children participated in lots of indoor activities such as:

Sensory bucket-  we mixed together pasta, rice, lentils and beans! Then added tongs, cups, bowls and pom poms.

Train track – everyone explored this today with miss Sana, they all helped make a super long train track!

Home corner – everyone, thanks to Sammy, Ashton, Harvey, Jonah and Alexander for helping Miss Thea sort and pack away the toys.

Cutting – termeh, Toranj, ada, mia, milly, mila, Audrey, ashton and Harvey.

Wooden foam blocks – matthew, theodore, ada, mia, mila, Angelina, ashton, Harvey, alexander, Jonah, alex, Zavier, Flynn, ollie

Love heart painting – Elizabeth, matilda, milly, termeh, Toranj, ashton, Harvey, theo, Hendrix, mia, ada

Teddy bear sorting (borrowed from SK)- EVERYONE!


stay dry!

Thea and Sana


Written by elcprekindy