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Pre Kindy – Thursday 13th June, 2019

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The yard was full of fantastic activities to start the day:

  • The Bikes are a great source of gross motor development the children love having the choice of either balance bikes or trikes.
  • On the other side of the yard we enjoyed a more quiet reading space and drawing area
  • In the sandpit we made sandcastles, dug big holes and made some cakes in the kitchen

This morning Miss Talia gathered the children on the mat for a group time, we did our routine songs, Shion helped sing days of the week song and Summer helped sing our good morning greeting song. Next Miss Talia explained the differences between a big problem and a little problem to help the children understand what kinds of problems they can deal with themselves and what big problems they would need to go to a teacher to for help. Josie was cleaver with this telling us if another child doesn’t listen when we say ‘stop I don’t like it’ then you can go to a teacher. We then spoke about our emotion of feeling sad and what sorts of things made us feel sad. To finish up group time Talia read Ethan’s book ‘The Lion King’ as we have been exploring his passion. Talia then transitioned the children on to activity time.

For activity time the children enjoyed self selected activities such as:

  • Our construction site with sand play, Josh, Aristotelis, Nash, Connor and Ben enjoyed playing nicely with each other helping carry the rocks and sand around the site
  • At another table the Bonnie, Fynn, Summer, Nisha, Daniella, Sofia Josie and Steve had fun cutting up the playdoh and making balls and other shapes.
  • The connector blocks were Ben’s favourite today making circle doughnuts.
  • Josie, Emily, Cooper P and Thomas unlocked all the pad locks
  • Our last table had our ‘sad’ emotion art where Miss Talia drew eyes and got some blue food colouring for each children to draw tear drops

Just before lunch we packed away and enjoyed a quick run in the sun.

We have had a fantastic day today.

Miss Des’ree and Miss Talia

Written by elcprekindy

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