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Pre Kindy – Thursday 16th January, 2020

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Hello families.

Today’s Highlights:

This morning at group time we sang our good morning song and days of the week song. Children had a guess about the today’s day and Audrey was the fist one who guessed correctly and said “Thursdaaay”. We then enjoyed reading Sammy’s book from home and singing “ABCs” phonic song. Miss Thea then sang the “People all around the world” song. We then referred to the “hello in other counties” wall and practised to say “Hello” in different languages.

Miss Thea also introduced us the new sensory activities she prepared for us and remind us the correct way to play with them and to pack away after our play.

We also celebrated Lucia’s birthday by singing happy birthday song and wished her all the best. Also Thank you Lucia for bringing in cupcakes to share with your friends.

Before lunch the children all made their beds and did some dancing to The Wiggles and the freeze song! After burning all our energies Miss Thea gathered children on the green mat and sang the “Slippery fish” and “Open shut them”, this was lots of fun with children singing along to the songs. To finish our group time children enjoyed listening to the “me moo” song.


Today the children we able to explore the toys and environment, they were able to choose from:

Home corner – Milana, Alexander, Ashton, Lucia and Mila.

Puzzles – Alex, Elizabeth, Ashton, Harvey, Alexander, Zavier.

Sensory area – Exploring coloured rice and sand using hands, rake and brushes. Ada, Mila, Matthew, Theodore, Mia and Lucia

Train tracks – Sammy, Alex, Oliver, Alexander.

Play piano – Audrey, Hendrix, Matthew, Theodore.

Free expression finger Painting – improving fine motor skills, and colour recognition. Ada, Milana, Theodore, Mila, Flynn, Alexander, Matilda, Elizabeth, Termeh, Toranj, Matthew, Lucia, Hendrix.

Felts, felt board and finger puppets- Sammy, Mia

Tracing and cutting – Audrey.

Animal counting and matching colours- Matthew, Flynn, Audrey.

Dress up – Mia, Milana, Termeh.

Thanks children for an amzing day.

Lots of Love,

Miss Thea and Miss Sana xx.

Written by elcprekindy

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