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Good afternoon families!

Today we have had a wonderful day here in the Pre Kindy room. We opened up the climbing net this morning after the children had request it. The children had such a wonderful time exploring this part of the yard. We actually had trouble trying to close it down when morning tea came around.

After mornng tea Miss Camilla ran group time and had us all up and dancing like sizzling sausages in a pan when our names were called. Miss Nicole finished off with a story about ‘The three billy goats gruff’ which taught the children about being kind to everyone and only using gentle hands and gentle words. After going through the alphabet, learning a new counting song, where is thumbkin and having a wiggle to the tooty ta we ventured off to explore the room and participate in activities with our teachers.

Miss Nicole sat with the children at a table completing their nametags for their lockers with them. The children are really excited to stick their name to a locker which will help them feel like they belong. Miss Camilla observed the children as they worked together to build giant structures with the giant wooden blocks. Their communication and sharing skills are coming along very well. It was a great sight to see!

We are working very hard as a group on making sure we are switching our listening ears on and are helping to pack up our messes. This is something that we will be continuing to working on over the coming weeks.

We have had such an awesome day today and look forward to ending Friday on a high aswell!

Have a great night and we will see you bright and early tomorrow morning.

Thanks from Miss Nicole and Miss Camilla.