March 16, 2017 Pre Kindy No Comments

Hello pre kindy families and welcome to Thursday we have had another fun day with some special activities today. A very happy birthday to Miss Kylie today all of the children and educators wish you all the happiness in the world and thank you for making us all so happy!!!
The children have been interested in the garden and have been discussing what helps the garden grow “water and sunshine”. From an extension on our sustainability interest we have been collecting milk cartons from home so that we can make our own garden and that happened today!!!!!!
During group time we had a chat with Miss Katherine’s friend Dirtgirl and scarp boy as they know all about what helps the garden grow and looking after the environment, the children were so excited!!! We sat outside and while Miss Alicia showed us what we needed to do to help the garden grow we needed to fill up the milk cartons with soil, put a little bit of water in in the soil make a little hole with our finger to put the seed in and then cover it up and put it in the sun so that it start to grow, so keep an eye out for some sprouts that might pop up at anytime!!
Miss Nadine also held a great art experience for those who didn’t want to plant using recycled paper rolls which looked amazing and the children used them to help decorate the time capsule it was so much fun!!!
Don’t forget tomorrow we have crazy hair day so come dressed in a wig or crazy coloured hairspray and it is also St. Patricks day so we will celebrating that also!!
Have a great night see you tomorrow for crazy hair fun Friday!!

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