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Morning tea- fruits with coconut yoghurt and cereal

Morning group –
We started with our morning routine:
• Good morning song
• Days of the week
• Counting and number recognition
• ABC and letter recognition
Miss Thea then prepared children for next year by explaining what will happen when we come back to kindy next year. The children really liked the idea of exploring the kindy room, which they will get to do this afternoon!

Before lunch, we read the stories ‘Mary Elizabeth’s house’, ‘Red bus’ and ‘Seven more days’.
The children loved to hear that there are only 8 more sleeps tills CHRISTMAS!

Lunch – tofu rice bowls with vegetables

Inside children were given variety of opportunities to develop their fine motor, social, role play, construction, coordination and cognitive skills through activities.
Today we focused on following children’s interests:
– Home corner- (dramatic play, memory, social, fine motor, imaginative, pretend play)
– Cubby house (dramatic play, communication, imagination)
– Doll house (imaginary, creativity, dramatic play, communication)
– Connecting blocks (colour recognition, social, coordination, imagination, creativity)
– Coloured sensory rice (colour recognition, sensory, creativity, fine motor)
– Space building set (cognitive, creativity, imagination, coordination)
– Legos (creativity, coordination, fine motor)
– Colour and cutting Christmas themed, supervised by Miss Thea (creativity, cognitive, hand-eye coordination, fine motor, concentration)
– Gem puzzle (problem solving, coordination, cognitive, patience)

Unfortunately, there are no photos today, so sorry!