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Good afternoon families!

Today has been a very artistic day! (Art to be put on the walls ASAP)

This morning during group time we learnt that it was St. Patricks Day. Miss Nicole told us about some Celtic Lore and what lies at the end of a rainbow. We also practiced our special Easter songs for Saturday and sung them for Miss Daisy and Mr Lachie without Miss Nicole’s help!

After group time we escaped back to our pre kindy room. Miss Nicole set up a cutting activity where we cut up green strips of paper and stuck them onto four leaf clovers. After this activity Pearl, Hunter, Bella, Liam and Aleks had a mini dance party. Using some dancing ribbons the children expressed their enjoyment through their dance moves. While the dancing was going on Miss Nicole set up a hand painting station to make rainbow hand prints for their pots of gold.

Bella, Pearl, Aleks, Liam and Hunter joined together to build with the blocks. They made roads that stretched from one side of the room to other. The best part though was when it was time to pack away everyone helped! Liam even started singing the pack away song before Miss Nicole had a chance to.

Today has been amazing and the kids are getting into a great routine and have become very comfortable in the room.

Have a great night and see you in the morning!