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Good afternoon families!

Today we had  a great time playing with our pre kindy and kindergarten friends.

Miss Camilla and Miss Yumi used the parachute to play games with us today. We took turns waving the parachute up and down before one of us would run underneath to the other side,

We even incorporated the parachute into ball game activities. We threw the ball onto the parachute as our friends and teachers were waving it up and down and we had to try and keep the ball on for as long as possible.
DSC00616 DSC00624

Liam was showing Miss Nicole how to slide down the slide. He called her over and shouted ‘Cheese!’ while grinning ear to ear.

Shia climbed to the top of the hill to sit with her brother and to watch her friends Aleks, Evelyn, Axek and Cooper play human bowling and knock of the foam shapes with their bodies.
This morning was really calm and the children played incredibly well together. It was great to see them all laughing and playing so well together.
DSC00626  DSC00629 DSC00631
Last night the teachers here at Benow Hills Early Learning went to a training seminar to learn different ways of including movement in their daily routines and programs through songs, games and even storytelling.

Miss Nicole led the children from both rooms up to the yarning circle for a story, this time however she did it differently. Miss Nicole had the children line up behind her and she got them marching on the spot and soon she started singing ‘The grand old duke of york’. She marched them up the hill around the playground and back to the front of the doors, she then got the children to march on the spot and showed them some new moves for the song. She then marched the children to the yarning circle and sat down. However it was far too sunny and we moved to the hill under the shade.

We learnt a story called ‘We’re going on a wombat hunt’. The children were encouraged to participate by relaying what Miss Nicole was saying. Miss daisy and Miss Camilla helped the children do this. 


After we had finished we once again marched down to the room to the song ‘The grand old duke of York’. Once inside our teachers got us up and jumping to a new little song we  learnt called ‘Bumping up and down in my little red tractor’ we went through several verses and different movements and had an amazing time singing and dancing together. Mr Lachie and our teachers then taught us a song called ‘Tooty Ta’ which had us all dancing and moving all over the floor. Not one child sat out for these songs either. It was awesome to see how much fun they were having.


Miss Daisy gave the class some puppets and we sand along to ‘5 green and speckled frogs’. We ran through this song a couple of times so different children could take turns.
DSC00641 DSC00642 DSC00644 DSC00645
Using the finger puppets we all sang ‘Old MacDonald had a farm’. 
The children requested that we sing ‘5 little monkeys jumping on the bed’. All the children enjoyed bouncing on the spot and pretending to be the doctor on the phone.
DSC00677 DSC00679
Special mention for Leo who jumped on the spot the whole time, fell off the bed at the right point in time and made an excellent doctor telling off mummy. Good effort buddy!!


We will be working on incorporating a lot more physical movement through singing and play. The best way children learn is through play and it is something that we love encouraging and participating in.

Thanks for a great day 😀