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Good afternoon families!

Today had been one of the busiest day Pre Kindy has had with 14 friends joining us!

We spent this morning playing in the sandpit, riding bikes and climbing on the climbing frames.

Before morning tea we went inside to read a story our friend Blake bought in called ‘Koala Lou’. Blake was really excited to tell her friends about this book that she was so keen to share. After morning tea Sierra, Charlee, Kaitlyn and Blake put the dancing ribbons around their wrists and danced around the room to Disney music. Rikuto, Jay and Sierra painted some beautiful paintings. Ash, Charlee, and Eljay played with the pin boards and hammers. Pearl, Bella, Evelyn and Axel enjoyed experimenting with different sized weights and different sized magnets. Hunter enjoyed playing with mobilo and making cars to show Miss Nicole. Issey enjoyed drawing hearts with Miss Nicole at the drawing table.

The children are having a great time playing together and getting to know one and other.

Just a reminder that we will be getting cameras shortly – thank you for your patience.

A big thank you to parents who have bought in empty card board boxes!

Have a great night and see you tomorrow.