This morning before having morning tea, children headed to the bathroom in small groups and washed their hands. During washing hands educators made sure that children are washing their hands in an effective way whilst singing the washing hand song.


For morning group time, Miss Thea and children discussed hygiene practice in different ways and why it is so important in our lives. We also had a look at our Persian New Years table, Miss Sana told us what it means in her country and some other items we need to add to the table.

Before lunch we sat down with the SK class and listened to some songs and stories told by Miss Stacey. Such great listening friends! Today we had another outdoor day as we explained to children that the sun is one the best ways to get rid of any bad germs.

Today we also set up our beds in the SK room and had a sleep over there! The children were very excited!

Whilst being outside, some children sat down with Miss Sana and made some ‘Sabzeh’. We used green paper and scissors to cut out little strips. Theodore, Termeh, Toranj, Millie and Lucia had a turn.

Letter threading- Alexander, Jonah, Millie, Mia, Mila, Lucia and Theodore.

Lego – Millie, Jonah, Alexander, Mila, Mia, Lucia, Termeh, Toranj and Alexander.

Thanks for another relaxing day.

Miss Sana and Miss Thea


Written by elcprekindy