This morning at group time we sang our good morning song and days of the week song. Sammy then walked to the window and told his friends how the weather was like this morning. “It’s raining” said Sammy.


Miss Thea then improved children’s numeracy skills by using the laminated number cards and singing the “10 little dinosaur” song. We then looked at some big dinosaur toys and identified different types of dinosaurs whilst talking about their differences.


Mia brought a very interesting dinosaur book today which every page of this book featured an interesting texture to feel. As Miss Thea was reading this book, she gave children the opportunity to explore the surfaces of the dinosaur.


Mia’s book gave us a great idea to let children make their own dinosaurs using different types of textures through a collage activity.


Before lunch we read Alexanders book and some books from Miss Sue. The children sat so nicely and listened so well!

Today we decided to enjoy the cooler weather and had an outside day!

Making dinosaurs using different textured materials – Termeh, Toranj, Mia, Ada, Mila, Lucia, Frankie, Sammy, Matilda, Elizabeth, Flynn, Milana

Playdough – EVERYONE! We had green playdough and added green glitter as well. Everyone enjoyed this today!

Home Corner – Ashton, Mila, Frankie, Harvey, Sammy, Ada, Mia, Milly, Toranj, termeh, theo, Flynn.

Gymnastics – Mila, Lucia, Jonah, Alexander, Ollie

Thanks Mia and Alexander for sharing your books with us.


Written by elcprekindy