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Good afternoon families!

Wow today was the fullest we have been! We had 19 Pre Kindy today and 2 children from Toddlers 2 joined us today for a play. We had such a great day here at Benowa Hills so make sure you check out our photos!

Today we had a great time playing outside in the yard with all of our new friends. While we were waiting for our morning tea to arrive we joined our teachers in the room for some group time where we practiced some new songs to sing (The Grand ol’ Duke of York, Where is Thumbkin?, Goodmorning song) we also went on a wombat hunt! There is nothing more exhilirating than escaping from that wombat!

After morning tea we split into two groups. Inside we participated in cutting activities, puzzles, mobilo and playdough. We also had a dance to some old Jackson 5 songs. Outside we participated in a lot of physical activities which included running, jumping, riding bikes, climbing and digging. We are very good at using our gross motor skills and encouraging our friends to develop their skills aswell. These two groups then swapped after 45 minutes so each child was able to participate in the activities.

This afternoon we celebrated Hudsons 3rd birthday with him. He bought us in some delicious Finding Dory cupcakes.Happy Birthday Hudson we hope you have a brilliant day tomorrow and get absolutely spoilt rotten!

Welcome again to all of our new families! We are loving getting to know your children and you all aswell.

Have an amazing night and we will see you tomorrow!