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Good afternoon families!

Today has been such a beautiful day here in the pre kindy room.

This morning we had a great big play outside. During this time Aaleyah, Lilly, Hunter, Shia and Issey helped Miss Nicole look for some special rocks that we would be turning into special dinosaur eggs.

After morning tea we had a special group time where we talked about things we learnt with Miss Rachel. We talked about different colours, shapes, senses and feelings. We decided as a group that our new focus colour would be pink, our focus shape would still be a circle and focus sense would be smell. We practiced our angry, happy, sad, tired and excited faces aswell.

We are working closely with the kindergarten room to ensure that pre kindy children will be prepared for kindergarten. This is how we have decided on what types of learning to focus on.

After this we finished group time by reading a special dinosaur book that Miss Nicole had bought in called ‘The Dinosaur who wouldn’t go to school’. The children have expressed great interests in dinosaurs after finding some toys yesterday afternoon so we are incorporating dinosaurs into our every day activities We set up 3 tables with dinosaur activites: 2 were for colouring in with either texters or crayons and the 3rd was for dinosaur egg craft using glitter, sparkles and glue.

After we packed up those of us who play tennis went off to our lesson and those remaining had a beautful lunch with the kindergarten children. The children who sleep then helped Mr Lachie make their beds. Those who stay awake chose activities to play with at tables.

We have had a reall great day today.

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Please bring in something that is circular in shape or pink in colour for our morning show and tell.

I will be organising a smelling experiment for the children to participate in. Before this is conducted I will post some more information around the room and list what things the children will be testing.