This morning at group time we sang our good morning song and days of the week song. Elizabeth then walked to the window to see how the weather was like this morning. “Sunny and cloudy” she said.

We then practiced our counting 0-10 then backwards.

We then sang ABC before reading Charlie’s ABC book.

Thanks to Milly (we also read this before play time) and Oscar for bringing in books as well!



Before lunch we had lots of fun dancing to a few songs. We then made our beds and sat on the mat and enjoyed listening to Oscar’s and Charlie’s interesting books about the space and a 3D puppy dog book who goes on a adventure to find friends who will help him make a mud-pies. Thanks Charlie and Oscar for sharing your books with us.

Today we had lots of activities available, we explored:

Valentine art with Miss Sana – it’s a surprise so there are no photos!

Sensory activities – EVERYONE!

Connecting blocks – Sammy, Oscar, Hendrix, ollie, alex, carter, Charlie, ashton, Harvey, Elijah, Alexander, Mila, mia, ada

Dress up – Ada, mia, elaina, Lucia.

Home Corner – everyone!

Trains and cars – Alex, Elijah, Taina, Charlie, ollie, Oscar, Fynlee, milly, ashton, Harvey,

Peg and peg boards – lucia, mia, mila, Angelina,

Cutting – everyone!


have a lovely evening,

Thea and Sana


Written by elcprekindy