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Good afternoon families!

Today we welcomed our new friend Chase to the room! Chase has been a very lively addition to our little group and has encouraged great interaction between the children. Not only has he been teaching the children about sharing, he has also helped feed his friends during meal times and made sure that they had drunk enough water.

For group time we worked on our Easter song for Saturday and enjoyed learning a new song. We are currently working on colours and shapes. For the next few weeks we will be looking at circles and the colour blue. So we will be looking at different objects that fit into the two categories. Miss Nicole has made us some flash cards to help work on identifying different shapes and colours.

Bella, Aleks and Chase enjoyed interacting together in home corner – cooking dinner and playing with the tool table.

Bella asked to draw rainbows and sing the rainbow song. Miss Nicole asked Bella if we should make a beautiful rainbow wall and Bella became very excited. Miss Nicole cut up different coloured paper and asked the children to paste the coloured paper in the shape of a rainbow. We are excited to dedicate a wall to something that interests the children so greatly.

Just a reminder this Saturday is the Easter craft afternoon. Each child will be receiving a pack of raffle tickets and the money raised from these tickets will go into the room. All families are kindly asked to donate one item in the basket for raffles.