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Good afternoon families! 

We would like to welcome a new member to our pre kindy family little Miss Hannah who joins us from Toddlers 2. We have been looking forward to your arrival and so happy to have you with us!

Today we continued on with yesterdays collage activity, its seems as though the children have really enjoyed this activity so we set it up again today.


Aaleyah took time to consider what she wanted to place over the glue on her page. She decided on a single yellow feather. After this was complete she was ready to create another!
Hannah had a great time choosing what to put on hers. She chose the cutest pom poms she could find and was slightly disappointed to realise she had used the last of the paddle pop sticks.
James is really looking forward to giving his Mummy his picture this afternoon.

Issey enjoyed making her Mum and Dad a beautiful collage this morning. She was very particular about the placement of each item. 
Lilly was determined to only use coloured paddle pop sticks on her collage. Miss Nicole asked Lilly if she had enough paddle pop sticks on her paper, Lilly responded very seriously by saying ‘No do you have some more?’ Miss Nicole pointed her in the direction of the matchsticks.

Caleb made the most beautiful picture out of feathers today. Miss Camilla helped to add some glue on the paper and Caleb spoke to her about the feathers and what he was making.  




Chase and Cooper made collages yesterday so instead today the chose to play with the street signs and road puzzles. They worked together to decide where to place all the items to make their play successful.

Hannah enjoyed playing with the Dora counting puzzle. She sat beside her two new friends Issey and Lilly who were playing with their own puzzles.

Miss Nicole was helping Issey with the puzzle showing her where the pieces went when they needed to goback onto the puzzle board.

Lilly was showing Miss Nicole where to put the puzzle pieces. She has played with this puzzle many times and needed no assistance from any one around her.

Hunter and Cooper were busy in the kitchen serving up fried bugs. Hunter and Cooper were in hysterics when they were trying to explain their meal choices to their teachers.

Shia and Aleks saw how much fun the boys were having and couldn’t resist joining them for some delicious fried insects.

Chase wasn’t too impressed with their meal choices and asked what else they could cook.

Bella decided to take a moment away from the group to have a go on her own at building with lego. Sometimes its nice to just find a quiet area and build what you want to build without any interruptions.

After we packed away Hannah asked if we could play her favourite song ‘We will rock you’ by Queen. We were more than happy to oblige. After this we continued to listen to a few classic songs by Queen. Miss Camilla and Hannah enjoyed a bit of a boogie. There was so much spinning Hannah had to take a breather after the song.

Aaleyah and Lilly held hands and had a dance together.

Shia and Bella followed and held hand while having a dance. 

Hunter, Aleks, Cooper, Chase, James and Caleb grabbed some wrist streamers and were dancing around the room to ‘Somebody to Love’. Miss Nicole was holding Issey in her arms having a dance too. We really love music in our room and there is no better way to get rid of some extra energy!

Thanks to all our awesome kids for such a great day! We cannot wait to have more days like this with you all.

Have a great night and we will see you in the morning.