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19/04/15 – Tuesday
Good Afternoon everyone.
This morning outside we found some long sticks and pretended they were fishing rods. The children sat around the bark garden and went ‘fishing.’
Inside we welcomed our friends and Shia and Cooper shared their special toys for show and tell. They talked about their toys and have been sharing them with their friends today. We practised our ABC and sung some songs together. We have been talking about feelings in pre-kindy and looked at some pictures of faces and tried to work out what the people were feeling. We had fun pulling our own faces. We practised, ‘Happy, sad, angry and surprised.’
We have been having fun making ANZAC poppies from our hand-prints. Check them out displayed on the wall in pre-kindy. We also created some amazing artwork using ice-block sticks, paint and glitter.
Miss Rachael has been very impressed with all of the children involving each-other in play. There are a lot of new friendships emerging.
Please can you all bring in a family photo/photos for us to create a family tree for the room!


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