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Morning tea- coconut yoghurt with fruits

Morning group –
After finishing our morning tea, we headed back outside again and joint our toddler friends to enjoy a Christmas show hosted by Miss Julie. Everyone showed excitements and had a great time during the show which included dancing, clapping and singing along with some Christmas songs. We also had some of the children dressed up in costumes to help Miss Julie perform the show.

Before lunch, children watch a Christmas story about a reindeer.

Lunch – lasagne with salad.
Inside children were given variety of opportunities to develop their fine motor, social, role play, construction, coordination and cognitive skills through activities. Today our focus was on children’s interaction in peers and their communication skill. Today’s activities explored by children were:

– Home corner- (dramatic play, memory, social, fine motor, imaginative, pretend play)
– Cubby house (dramatic play, communication, imagination)
– Sensory coloured rice with red, white and green. Today we added in some spoons, bowls, cups and sieves. (sensory, creativity, social, fine motor, colour recognition)
– Hammering with Miss Sana (cognitive, fine motor, creativity, social, taking turns)
– Trains and train tracks and making a pretend city using wooden blocks (construction, creativity, imagination, social)
– Magnetic birds (cognitive, creativity, social, fine motor)
– Drawing with pencils (pencil grip, colour recognition, fine motor, imagination)
– Magnet fishing set (concentration, sea animal recognition, social, taking turns)

Gymnastics: Audrey, Ashton, Harvey, Mila, Milana, Sammy, Elaina
Outside, Miss Sana put some activities out foe children to explore. The activities outside were:
– Cubby houses (dramatic play, social, communication)
– Sandpit with buckets, shovels, pots, trucks- (construction, imagination, creativity, social)
– Free play outside (decision making, extending upon the child’s own interests)
– Bikes and scooter bikes (co-ordination, gross motor)
– Music (language, dance, memory)
– Balancing beam and climbing bars (coordination, physical, balancing, fine and gross motor)
– See-saws (social, fine and gross motor)
– Yoga balls (balancing, taking turns, gross motor, bouncing)
– Water play- we have the water pump now open! (sharing, social, concentration, gross motor)

Information for parents:

Christmas party is on Thursday 10th December from 3:30 -4:30 pm