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Morning tea- Porridge and yoghurt and banana

This morning, Mr Lachie and children practiced some songs for celebration day. Everybody loved ’Waltzing Matilda’ song. And today we learned another one called, ’See the veteran’. Then, we did ‘Acknowledgement Country’. Children has learned some Aboriginal words.

As a transition to morning tea, Children moved to bathroom to wash their hands by marching like a soldier.

Before lunch, Mr Lachie read a book ‘The Jellybean Tree’ which jai brought. Children were listening to his story quietly.

Lunch – Asian noodle with vegetable
Inside, the children are given variety of opportunities to develop their fine motor, social, role play, construction, coordination and cognitive skills through activities.
The activities available today were:
– Home corner, the children can play with toy food, babies, cots, phones, vacuum, microwave, kettle, café area, doll house, dress up – (dramatic play, memory, social, fine motor, imaginative, pretend play)

– Making poppies by using PVA glue, children applied a black circle paper on their paper plates. (sensory, social, communication, fine motor, colour recognition)

– The children were able to make blue playdough, supervised by Mr Lachie. The children were enjoyed pouring and mixing them one by one. (Fine motor, sensory, following direction, creativity, social, communication, imaginative)

– Blue and Pink sand in our sensory tray. The children were able to explore this with cups, scoops and bowls. The children seem to calm down when exploring the rice. (sensory, social, communication, fine motor, colour recognition)

– Book corner (Self soothing, letter/colour recognition, social)

– Lego and wooden construction blocks. It was great to see that the children are still interested in these toys, creating whatever they could think of. It lovely to see small groups of children sitting together while building, they talk to each other and compare their creations. – (creative, social, sharing, fine motor)


Gymnastics: Saxon,millie B, Chen yi, Aiden,Xavier, Jai,Oliver