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Pre Kindy – Tuesday 22nd October 2019

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October 22, 2019 Pre Kindy No Comments

This morning Miss Talia gathered the children on the mat for group time. Archie sung our days of the week song confidently and Fynn told us that today is Tuesday!

We all sung our aboriginal greeting song together.

While some of our friends got their photos done the rest of the class watched and sung ‘Herman the worm’.

Before transitioning the children activity time Miss Talia sent them off one at a time to get their hats.

Today for activity time we went outside for outdoor play. The children enjoyed:

  • Running races
  • Water play
  • Sandpit play building sandcastles and sliding down the big slide
  • Riding the bikes around
  • Playing ‘Tag’
  • Kicking balls
  • ‘Hide and Seek’

We have had a great day today with lots of play!

Miss Talia and Miss Talia

Parent notes:

  • Dia De Los Muertos, Don’t forget to bring in your photos to help us celebrate a spanish tradition with Sofia!
  • Reminder to name sheets when they are brought in! Thankyou for remembering them, we as a class are doing great!
  • Also reminder that this week is photo week!

Miss Talia and Miss Danna

Written by elcprekindy

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