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Good afternoon families!
Today welcomed two new friends to the Charlee and Jacob.
This morning we enjoyed playing in the yard with each other. We especially love pouring water into the sandpit and mixing the mess together! Bella, Sierra and Charlee had fun helping each other fill bucket after bucket with water and emptying it all over the sandpit. Ash and Jasmine enjoyed chasing each other on bikes around the yard. Blake enjoyed laying in the middle of the swing and spinning around and around. It started to sprinkle so we lined up like a choo choo train and collected our morning tea from the kitchen and headed inside to our room.

After morning tea Miss Nicole worked on colour recognition sheets with Jacob, Rikuto, Charlee, Blake, Jasmine and Sierra. Sierra, Charlee and Rikuto stayed at the table with Miss Nicole and practiced tracing their letters and numbers.
Ash, Jasmine, Sierra and Axel created a long building using the wooden blocks. They each took turns at manipulating the blocks to make the best building they could. Bella and Kaitlyn sat together at the pegboard table making patterns together. Jacob enjoyed looking at all the toys in the room before settling down to play with the animal toys.

For group time Miss Nicole set the room up for a game of musical chairs. We are still getting to know each other in this room and there is nothing better than having a dance and a laugh to bond us together. After this and a game of musical statues we worked through some alphabet flash cards together.

Miss Carol came for tennis at this point and Ash, Charlee, Axel, Bella and Jacob joined her for a game of tennis. Inside Blake, Jasmine, Kaitlyn, Rikuto and Sierra spread out over the carpet and shut their eyes so they could imagine the story of possum magic in their heads.

Today has been a very busy day in the Pre Kindy room. We have enjoyed playing games and making new friends. Looking forward to a great Wednesday with you all!
Just a reminder to parents that we are collecting empty cardboard boxes and containers for out art/construction project!