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Morning tea- cakes with fruits

Morning group –
We started with our morning routine:
• Good morning song
• Days of the week
• Counting and number recognition
• ABC and letter recognition
We then said good morning to Miss Shannon and thanked her for stepping into our room today. Today, Miss Sana showed children of some Christmas item and children did such a wonderful job at helping Miss Sana identifying them. We continued by revising our classroom rules and singing our Christmas songs which children are becoming so good with it.

Before lunch, children sat with Miss Shannon where the enjoyed watching a short of Rudolf’s life and how he became the most famous reindeer.

Lunch – sausage rolls with vegetables
Inside children were given variety of opportunities to develop their fine motor, social, role play, construction, coordination and cognitive skills through activities such as:
– Train track- (fine motor, social, communication, creative, hand eye- co-ordination)
– Home corner- (dramatic play, memory, social, fine motor, imaginative)
– Cubby house (dramatic play, communication, imagination)
– Christmas handprint craft with Miss Shannon (sensory, fine motor, creativity)
– Sensory coloured rice with red, white and green, made by Miss Sana and with help of children (sensory, creativity, social, fine motor, colour recognition)
– Pegs and peg boards (colour recognition, creativity, fine motor, social, hand-eye coordination)
– Alphabet/number puzzles (problem solving, numeracy, literacy)
– Legos (building, creativity, imagination, fine motor, coordination, social)
Gymnastics: Sammy, Audrey, Ashton, Harvey
Due to the cooler weather, we decided to split the children into two groups. Allowing each group to have 20mins outside time. Outside the children were able to explore:
– Cubby houses (dramatic play, social, communication)
– Sandpit with buckets, shovels, pots, trucks- (construction, imagination, creativity, social)
– Free play outside (decision making, extending upon the child’s own interests)
– Bikes and scooter bikes (co-ordination, gross motor)
– Music (language, dance, memory)
– Balancing beam and climbing bars (coordination, physical, balancing, fine and gross motor)
– See-saws (social, fine and gross motor)
– Yoga balls (balancing, taking turns, gross motor, bouncing)
– Water play- we have the water pump now open! (sharing, social, concentration, gross motor)
– Legos (building, imagination, creativity, social)

Information for parents:

Parent teacher evening on November 25th 4-5:30pm. Christmas party on Thursday 10th December 3:30 -4:30 pm

Parent teacher evening- I should hopefully be able to call all the parents who are wanting a phone interview on Wednesday. If I run out of time to call you, I will make sure to call on Thursday 26th, thanks for your understanding.