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Hi Everyone

I hope you had a great weekend! This morning the children told their friends about some of the fun things they did in the weekend, including going to Sea World and visiting a Zoo. Some children also showed us some special items they brought from home. Lilly brought in some books and we especially loved the Lightning McQueen book! While having group time, we also practised the alphabet and focused on the letter ‘A.’

During activity time some of us practised writing the letter ‘A/a’ and pracitised following lines with a pencil. Some of us made creations out of the mobilo, including robots and fire engines.

Before lucnh we sung songs today, including our favurite ‘Fire Truck’ song (ask your child to sing the firetruck song to you). We also sung ‘5 little monkeys singing in the treee’ and ‘slippery fish.’

This afternoon we have enjoyed playing Jack in the Box, the hat name game, and I roll the ball to you.

Please remember to bring in your family photo so we can start making our family tree!