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DSC00029 DSC00030Good afternoon families!

Today has been a great day in the Pre Kindy room. We welcomed our new friend Leo to the room today. We had a great morning playing in the yard. Bella and Aleks made sand angels. Leo enjoyed pushing the balls down the slide before finding a spare bike and zipping around the yard with his new friend Hunter.  Liam enjoyed throwing the balls to his friends and educators while saying what coloured ball he was throwing.

 After morning tea we went into the Pre Kindy room to talk about our focus colour and shape, new feelings time pictures and our 5 senses. We then got to chose exactly what we wanted to play with. Hunter, Shia, Leo and Aleks decided they wanted to draw. Hunter and Aleks drew dolphins together. Shia drew her Daddy a special picture. Bella coloured in a rainbow. Bella, Chase, Aleks and Hunter were very interested in looking closely at the preserved insects. using magnifying glasses the took turns having a look and discussing what they were witnessing. Liam asked Miss Nicole to watch a song about shapes on the beautiful computer as he calls it. Afterward Liam played with the colour matching game with his friend Aleks. Shia explored the home corner on her own and enjoyed creating her own play scenario without and interference. Leo and Shia made caterpillars out of the magnets and pulled them around the floor together watching as the magnets stayed connected and wonder how it was happening.

We are really enjoying getting to know each other and learning along the way. We look forward to continue this tomorrow.

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