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Hello Everyone

I hope you all had a lovely long weekend!

Today we welcome our new friend Caleb to pre-kindy. This morning we sung Happy Birthday to Aleks. Over the weekend he celebrated his 3rd birthday. James bought in a special music book to share with the class. We enjoyed listening to the funny story songs together this morning.

The children have been interested in the mobilo today. They have made some amazing creations, such as fire trucks, robots, and race cars. We have been making some special secret art work and the children have made the most of this opportunity and have all been excited to make something special. Some of the children asked to do some drawing so we got out the texters and created lots of pictures.

Before lunch some of us went and played tennis. The rest of us enjoyed listening to Lilly’s book of ‘There was an old lady who swallowed a fly.’ It was a pop up one and the children loved watching the characters move. We also sung our favourite Fire Truck song and the children requested some other songs to sing.  

This afternoon we have been enjoying playing with bubbles, building block houses and singing more songs together!