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wGood afternoon families!

Today we had a small group – only two children! This worked to our advantage though as we got to participate in various meaningful activities.

This morning while we were waiting for all the children to arrive we played outside with the kindergarten children. Bella enjoys playing with her new friend Evie and Charlee who are in the next room. Aleks really enjoys playing with Harrison however Harrison was away today and Aleks ventured out of his comfort zone and made some new friends in Axel and Ashy.

After morning tea we separated into our own rooms. Bella is very excited to have Aleks spend the day with us and she helped him adjust to our morning routine. Bella led Aleks over to the mat for group time where we read books, sings songs and talk about our feelings. We work though alphabet and colours during this time.

After group time Bella showed Aleks around the room. Miss Nicole asked Aleks to join her at the drawing table to work through some colour, shape and number recognition sheets. Bella decided to join too and perform similar activities.

After lunch we combined with kindergarten for rest time. When the children woke up we ate some afternoon tea and participated in group time where we learnt some Easter songs in preparation for our Easter activity afternoon coming up on March 19th 2016.

We have had a great day learning and playing in the pre kindy room.

See you next time!