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Hello Families!

Welcome to the Pre Kindy and Kindergarten Blog!

We had 6 friends with us today and we had a great day playing together and learning about each other.
We read a book with Miss Shani called Superworm. It was about a worm who helped all of the other animals with lots of things. He could be a skipping rope, a hat, a slide and lots of other useful things for his friends. Ashi, Jasmine and Sierra loved the Superworm song and we will be memorizing it this week and doing more activities on Superworm.  Pre Kindy made the most of the wonderful weather today and spent time outside climbing, playing in the sand-pit and riding bikes. Miss Carol came to visit us from Intro Tennis and taught us how to hit a tennis ball. Rikuto, Jasmine and Ashlesh hit the ball really far!!

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The new percussion equipment in our room was super fun. Blake, Rikuto, Sierra and Kaitlyn loved playing with the clapping sticks and marimba.
We had delicious food today from Miss Denise’s kitchen, everyone loved the yummy Organic Spelt cake for morning tea and Vegie Penneor lunch. After lunch some of our Kindy students had a nap, while the others drew pictures and worked on letter formation. Sierra is getting much better at writing her name and Riku is excellent at writing his numbers and copying pictures to make his own creations. Blake loves drawing and always has interesting stories to go with her artistic creations.

We had a great day in Pre Kindy with Miss Shani and our friends.