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Good afternoon families!

We have had an amazingly busy day today.

This morning the boys climed to the top of the rope ladder and watched Mr Nick gardening in the yard with the children.



Shia-May had a great time zipping around the yard on the bike. Shia would lift her legs up as she went down the hill enjoying the speed of the bike.


Caleb enjoyed gardening with some of the older kindergarten girls. They were picking Rosella pods. Mr Nick told them that when the plant dried they could make cups of tea out of it. Mr Nick also go the children to open up a few old Rosella pods so that they could collect the seeds and plants some more Rosella plants around the yard.


DSC00422 DSC00423 DSC00424

Issey asked if she could go on a bike, she was having trouble peddling so Miss Nicole helped to push her around the yard.




Cooper loves taking his toys for swims in the river. Every morning this week he has sat in this exact spot and watched them swim and even sometimes float down the hill.



Hunter was too fast to capture this morning as he picked up speed going down hill.





Evelyn from the kindergarten room collected Issey to skip around the yard and play in the house.



Today Miss Nicole introduced her friend Rex to the class. The children really responded to the dinosaur puppet and immediately followed instructions that Rex dealt out. For group time Issey showed the class her circle shaped object she bought in from home – a magnifying glass. She explained to her friends what the magnifying glass does and even showed them.



DSC00430 DSC00431

After group time Lauren our yoga teacher arrived and the children each took a towel and set out their spot on the floor ready to pose like animals.



After yoga the speech pathology students came in for story time. They showed the glass a different adaptation of ‘Where is green sheep?’ They created posters and props and even made up songs for the story. The activity was very interactive and by the end every child was enthusiastically participating. The students have left some information and activity sheets for the children to take home as well.


DSC00435 DSC00436 DSC00437


As you can see we managed to squeeze in a lot today! We cannot wait to see what tomorrow brings!