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Pre Kindy – Wednesday 12th June, 2019

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After morning tea Miss Des’ree gathered the children on the mat for a group time. Ethan sung our good morning song, while Nash sung us the days of the week, Cooper T said “its Wednesday!”, well done! Next up we looked at a few safari animals to extend on Ethan’s lion king interest yesterday and today. To finish up the group time we discussed the differences between lion’s and tigers, we learnt that tigers are orange and have black stripes and lions don’t. for our transition Miss Talia discussed the activities for the day and called each child to self select.

For activity time we enjoyed a variety of interest based activities
– Lavender play doh, was a fantastic activity for Josh, Fynn, Archie, Ben, Cooper P, Myla Steve, Daniella and Summer to enjoy. They used plastic knives forks and spoons to manipulate the dough and exercised their fine motor skills.
– At another table Miss Talia offered the children one on one art. Ethan, Josh, Josie, Ben, Connor, Archie, Summer and Myla loved individual time with Miss Talia and feeling the cool paint on their hands. We extended on yesterday’s lions by making paw prints with our hands.
– To extend off the children’s interest in construction we re-created our own mini construction site. We used a handful of assorted sensory items such as sand, mini rocks and some building blocks. To make our construction site realistic we put mini dump trucks, excavators and bulldozes out for Nash, Aristotles Cooper p, Cooper T, Steve spencer ben and Fynn to explore
– On the shelves Elke, Myla, Summer and josie loved exploring the salon. They used paint brushes for makeup, hair straighteners and blow dryers to complete their favorite hair do!
On the mat:
– The big wooden blocks provided lots of fun for the children to explore construction and transport toys. We also added in our wheel burrows for Cooper P, Cooper T and Connor to use, the children love pretending to be constructions men
– Steve, Myla, Josh and Daniella also enjoyed the challenge of unlocking the locks off our big wooden block.

Before lunch we had a show by Alicia that taught the children about the life of the tress and plants and how they are magic in our world. Alicia also showed us how our world and everything in it is magic in its own way. We learnt that lizards are magical in the way they communicate, our hearts are magical and how everything we see holds its on magic.

Over all another great day
Miss Des’ree and Miss Talia


Written by elcprekindy

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