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Good afternoon families!

Today we had a very relaxing morning with Miss Lauren practising our yoga techniques.


Shia was practising the butterfly pose by sitting with her feet together and moving her legs up and down.
Aleks and Caleb were practising their  reverse downward dogs pose.
DSC00573 DSC00574
Cooper was not very interested in yoga and found that building lego was more relaxing and suitable for him.
Miss Yumi was helping the children to stretch their legs over their head. This techniques caused the children to erupt into fits of giggles.
DSC00582 DSC00583
Hannah felt very confident during the second lesson with Miss Lauren and even was her little helper sitting at the front and showing the children how to pose correctly.
After yoga we worked very hard in the construction corner building towers as tall as we could.

DSC00607 DSC00610 DSC00611 DSC00613


Today Issey was feeling very confident while she was eating her food and was all smiles! We had to share such a great moment. 



Well families we have made it to the halfway point today and we are still all smiles. Cheers to a great day! have a wonderful night and we will see you all tomorrow.