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Pre Kindy – Wednesday 1st July, 2020

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Group time we sat on the mat with Miss Thea where we sang:


  • Good morning song
  • Days of the week
  • Weather today
  • Counting to 20
  • Abc’s (The children all sing together without educator’s help!)


Miss Thea then talked about making new friendships with friends who we don’t usually play with. Miss Thea explained that it’s a great way of learning new things we might not know or learn new games from our friends which we might love.

We finished our group time with singing ‘people all around the world’.


Before making their beds and having lunch (fish pie with mashed potato and vegetable), the children did some dancing!Today we explored both inside and outside activities in small groups. We did this so the children were able to explore new friendships with other children they may not normally play with.

Group 1 explored inside for 30mins before swapping to go outside. Group 2 started outside before swapping inside.

Group 1: Lilah, Fynlee, Elaina, Toranj, Beau, Mia, Angelina and Flynn.

Group 2: Chloe, Termeh, Lucia, Hendrix, Sammy, Honey, Frankie and Warren.

Activities available inside:

  • Mixing coloured paint with Miss Sana –
  • Home corner – Everyone explored
  • Trains – Flynn, Elaina, Hendrix, Sammy, Warren, Termeh, Lucia and Chloe
  • Animals – Beau, Honey, Lilah, Fynlee and Frankie.
  • Book corner – Honey, Fynlee, Lilah, Chloe, Angelina, Termeh, Toranj and Beau.

Activities available outside:

  • Large lego construction- Everyone
  • Bikes – Flynn, Mia, Termeh, Toranj, Lucia, Chloe, Angelina, Honey, Frankie, Sammy and Hendrix
  • Sandpit- everyone
  • Climbing fort – everyone.

See you next time!

Thea and Sana


Written by elcprekindy

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