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Today in the pre-kindy roo we started our day playing outside in the big yard, while we waited for all of our friends to arrive. Once we were all here we came inside and at on the mat for a group time of songs and stories. We sang open, shut them, wiggly worm, heads shoulder knees and toes and we then sang I’m a dingy dang scarecrow while doing the actions. We all enjoyed these songs and doing the actions. Miss Katrina then decided to read us stories. We read Peppa’s first sleepover, the bravest ever bear and then we read big brother little brother, Miss Katrina then asked us whether we had any brothers or sisters Mila said that she had a little baby brother and Maddison said that she had a brother next door.
For our arts and crafts activity we decided to do some balloon painting where we used balloons to create beautiful masterpieces. Hunter and Alex had a wonderful time using the balloons and were happy to chase the balloons around the room. Its state of origin on tonight so we choose the colours red and blue for our art work. We each choose the colour we wanted and we all seemed to enjoy this type of arts.
After our arts and crafts had finished we sat down for another group time where we had a fantastic time doing the hokey pokey, we all enjoyed holding hands and running into the centre saying “woooooooooo hokey pokey. Miss Camille then engaged us all with the felt stories and the puppets, we did 5 cheeky monkeys’, 5 carrot buns and the felt shapes. Miss Camilla said what colour is this and Caleb said “yellow” the next colour was purple and pearl was able to answer this correctly.
When then ventured outside to explore the big yard with our friends from kindergarten. Thanks for a great day pre-kindy.