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Good afternoon families!

Today has been a very busy day in the big yard!

We had a visit from our new yoga teacher Lauren. Pre Kindy and kindergarten combined in the Pre Kindy room to learn all about Yoga in a fun filled Jungle themed class. Pearl stayed next to Lauren copying her every move. Hunter was with Mr Lachie and showed great skill and enthusiasm with every pose. Aleks and Issey sat with Miss Nicole and with some encouragement and demonstration from Miss Nicole they too took part in Yoga. Shia was very confident with her towel up the front and following the instructions Miss Lauren was giving out.

After Yoga Miss Nicole and Miss Tara set up some art tables to continue on with our Easter art. Hunter and his friends decided they too wanted to paint but not just for Easter they wanted to paint something for themselves. During this time Hunter had a visitor from the speech pathology students. They observed Hunter as he played blocks with his friends Aleks and Pearl. Issey was very uncomfortable with the idea of painting so Miss Nicole and Miss Tara asked if she would like some gloves while she participated in these activities. We are very happy to say that this worked very well and Issey not only did some painting but she also did a hand print painting!

We have had an egg-xcellent day in the Pre Kindy room and are looking forward to the long Easter weekend

See you all tomorrow!