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Good afternoon families!

Today we welcomed our new friend Evelyn to the room. Miss Jenna joined us today to help Miss Nicole.

We spent the morning playing outside in the yard as per Ashys request. Ash, Jasmine, Jacob and Hunter enjoyed zipping up and around the sandpit on bikes and scooters. Sierra, Pearl, Charlee, Charlotte and Rikuto had an exhilarating time spinning on the swig and taking turns to spin the swing. Harrison was back in the pond in search of any loose stones. 

After morning tea Miss Nicole set up some paints for a painting activity. Each one of us created a beautiful painting today.

Jasmine, Ash, Sierra and Charlotte spent time messing up and re-assembling puzzles. Jasmine was so excited to complete the dinosaur puzzle on her own.  Hunter, Jacob and Pearl practiced their construction skills building cars with the mobilo.  Rikuto and Charlee practiced their drawing and writing skills at the table with Miss Nicole. Evelyn and Kaitlyn pulled out the dancing ribbon and attatched them to their wrists like bracelets. Harrison was busy moving from activity to activity making sure he played with each and every one of his friends.

During these activities Miss Nicole worked on colour recognition sheets with Hunter, Evelyn, Charlotte and Pearl.

Today was a very busy day in the Pre Kindy room. We look forward to everyday when we can learn new things and make new friends!