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Good afternoon families!

Today has been a beautiful day in the pre kindy room. After morning tea we sang some songs with the Kindergarten class, we especially love the dingle dangle scarecrow song Miss Nicole sings with us! We love jumping up and down and shaking ourselves silly.

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Ater this we went into our room and sat with our teacher for grouptime. This morning we looked at or focus shape and colour, however we focused a lot more on feelings. Miss Nicole showed us different pictures and asked us what we thought the people in the photo were feeling. She then got us to show her our own version of this face and she gave us different scenarios to help us learn about each emotion.

Afterward Miss Tara came in to help our room, she sang us the rainbow song to help us figure out what colours are in the rainbow. While she sang to us we coloured in rainbow outlines.

Hunter and Aleks decided to play in the home corner once they were finished. Hunter was cooking Aleks some delicious dinner on his ‘stove’.


Shia really loves drawing so she spent her time exploring the art corner and seeing what equipment we have to use.


Pearl was playing alongside the boys in the homecorner at the tool bench. Pearl found a piece of drift wood and was securing it on the table and was preparing to break it in half with a hammer.



We would like to also wish a very Happy Birthday to Miss Pearl who turned 3 on Monday!