Good evening families.

The highlights of the day are:

This morning at group time we sang our good morning song and days of the week song. Thanks, Elaina, for bringing in a book to share!

We then read the books ‘There’s a dinosaur in my kitchen’ and ‘Dinosaur roar’. Extending from the dinosaur interest. The children were excited to hear that we were going to make dinosaur footprints!


Today we had a fire drill where children did very well at listening and following teacher’s instructions. We all lined up and walked up from the hill. As we were sitting Ada came up with a question and asked, “Is there a real fire?”, Miss Thea and Miss Sana then explained that we are just practising in case if real fire happens one day.

Today children were so happy and excited to see Mr Lachy back, they welcomed him with happy faces big cuddle and enjoyed playing with him whilst we were outside.

Before lunch children made their beds which they are getting very good at. Children were super thoughtful today and also made their friend’s beds who were at gymnastics. Mr Lachy read Elaina’s book for children. The book was called “Oh Dear” and was about a little boy in the farm whom his Grandma ask him to fetch some eggs. During this group time children loved to guess where the eggs might be! We continued our group time by singing some songs then washed our hands and got prepared for lunch.

Today we decided to enjoy the cooler weather and had an outside day!

Making dinosaurs footprints with Miss Sana. We used lots of different colours and some weird and wacky paintbrushes! –

The children had free play in the yard. Exploring the sand, slide, tree house, climbing rope and even running up and down the ramp to kindergarten! They had so much fun doing that!

Yoga session – Ceylon, Charllie, Lilah, Elaina, Termeh, Toranj, Mia, Hendrix, Carter.

Gymnastics – Sammy, Flynn, Beau, Lilah, Fynlee.

Thanks Charlie, for bringing in your ball to share, we did some catching, kicking and throwing practice with Miss Alex.

Thanks Pre Kindy for another fun day.

Lots of Love,

Miss Thea and Miss Sana xx.



Written by elcprekindy