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Good afternoon families!

Today we have had a beautiful day in the pre kindy room with only three of our friends. Even though the group was small it still sounded like a herd of baby elephants marching through the room! (In the nicest way possible of course!)

We played outside this morning exploring the herb gardens and smelling the different leaves – the favourites were Mint and Lemon Myrtle. We decided to have morning tea a little bit earlier this morning so we could start our day a little earlier.

For group time we sat together and discussed Easter and the activities that we will be engaging in over the next few weeks. Believe me when I say you are in for a real treat and surprise! We watched some songs in preparation for the great Easter craft event. Afterwards we listened to an alphabet song and looked at some different colours. Miss Nicole has been working on colour recognition with the pre kindy class and she asked what the children would like to do? Pearl, Hunter and Aleks asked for painting and immediately made their way to the easel discussing what colours they would like to use. Pearl, Hunter and Aleks were painting together when Miss Nicole pulled out some special stickers Pearl had bought in for arts and craft. Pearl offered stickers to her friends and even suggested where to put them on the paper.  Aleks saw Pearl using her paint brush a certain way so he watched her carefully before attempting the same technique.

This afternoon we combined with the kindergarten kids to practice some Easter songs and to have afternoon tea.

We have had a very productive afternoon in the pre kindy room.

I look forward to seeing you all tomorrow!

P.S Please bring in a scrapbook for the end of year art portfolio.